To win the game, you must clear the minefield without triggering any mines.


  1. The upper-left display indicates the number of mines remaining in the current minefield.
  2. The center ProximityMines button allows you to start a new game with the current difficulty.
  3. The upper-right display indicates the time (in seconds) that has elapsed since the start of the current game.

Let’s get started!

To start playing, click on any tile in the minefield. Don’t worry, the first tile you click will never be a mine!

Once you click on a tile, that tile will tell you if there are any surrounding mines.

For example, if a revealed tile shows a number ‘2,’ then that means there are two mines immediately surrounding that tile. Moving clockwise, those mines could be either directly above, to the upper-right, right, lower-right, below, lower-left, left, or upper-left of the revealed tile.


Two of the ‘?’ tiles are mines!


A revealed tile that has no mines around it will automatically reveal surrounding tiles, clearing the minefield and helping you find all of the mines on the field.

Once you know where a mine is, you can flag it by control-clicking on the tile*. That will update the number of mines remaining in the upper-left display. It will also prevent you from accidentally clicking on the mine and losing the game!

If you are unsure if a mine is hidden beneath a particular tile, you also have the option of labelling it as ‘Unknown’ by control-clicking twice on the tile*. Be careful, though, you can still click on these ‘Unknown’ tiles!

The goal is to use the information that the revealed tiles provide to find all of the mines on the field without triggering a mine. Sometimes, though, you might just have to take a chance and guess!

That’s it!

Dive in and try it out! We hope you enjoy playing ProximityMines!

* Holding the control button while clicking is identical to right-clicking with a multi-button mouse or two-finger clicking using a Multi-Touch trackpad. Each of these methods are supported in ProximityMines. ProximityMines also supports the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and users can flag tiles directly from the Touch Bar.